Current Projects

WCPA Current Projects

  1. City and County of Wetaskiwin Inter-Municipal Development Plan Review (Status: Internal Review)
  2. County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 Fire Hall Area Structure Plan (Status: Going to Council for a decision in early 2020)

WCPA Previous Projects

  1. Guide book to do a Municipal Development Plan (Status: Approved by Municipal Affairs) Link to document.
  2. Town of Killam’s Intermunicipal Development Plan (Status: Approved)
  3. Town of Millet’s Intermunicipal Development Plan (Status: Approved)
  4. Town of Millet’s Land Use Bylaw (Status: Approved by Council Bylaw 2011/05)
  5. Village of Heisler’s Land Use Bylaw (Status: Approved by Council Bylaw 425-11)
  6. Ponoka County’s Battle River Residential Acreage Study (Status: Refused by Council at the July 19 Council Meeting)
  7. Town of Killam, amending an Area Structure Plan (Status: Approved by Council)
  8. Pigeon Lake Watershed Area Concept Plan (Status: Approved at the February 6th, 2014 County Council Meeting)
  9. Ponoka County Highway 2 Corridor Concept Plan  (Status: Approved by County Council)
  10. Village of Forestburg Golf Club Area Structure Plan (Status: Approved at the September 17, 2014 Council meeting)
  11. Town of Millet’s Municipal Development Plan Review (Status: Adopted for 3rd Reading at the March 11, 2015 Council meeting)

Feel free to contact our Manager, Jason Tran for any additional questions and information.

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