Subdivision: How Do I Start?

  1. Preliminary Evaluation
  2. Application Process
  3. Approval Process
  4. Appeal Period
  5. Fulfilling the Subdivision Conditions
  6. Endorsement and Registration

WCPA Subdivision Application Pamphlet – How Do I Start?

WCPA – Subdivision Application form – Jan 6 2020

WCPA – Lot Line adjustment or consolidation – Jan 6 2020

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Subdivision Application Fee examples:

1. You have a full quarter section (160 acres) and you want to subdivide out one new lot. This could be 80 acres OR an existing farm/yard site OR a vacant yard site.

The initial fees would be: $950 plus $100 for new lot.

Total of $1050.00 and no GST!

2.  You have full quarter section (160 acres) zoned Watershed Protection, with full trees coverage and you want to subdivide out four new lots.

The initial fees would be:  $1000 plus $800 for the new 4 lots ($200 per lot).

Total of $1800.00 and no GST!

3. You have two 80 acres parcels, consolidate the two parcels and then subdivide out a vacant yard site of 5 acres. This is a consolidation application where no new parcels are created.

It is a flat fee of $1000.00 and no GST!

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