3: Approval Process

  1. Once the subdivision application is complete, the Planner will assess the application and conduct a site visit. The application will be circulated to utilities, school boards, adjacent landowners and other agencies as part of the referral process.
  2. Once the 14 day referral period is over, the Planner will evaluate the application along with any recommendations and issues from the referral process
  3. The planner will present the application along with the responses, recommendations and any subdivision conditions to the Subdivision Authority for their consideration
  4. Your application could be approved one of two ways depending on the complexity and which municipality you are in. Simple subdivisions are approved by administration and more complex ones have WCPA go before council for approval.
  5. Some of the criteria used in evaluating the subdivision application include: recommendations from other agencies/utilities, conformity to all plans (land use bylaw, zoning, Municipal Development Plans etc.), overall site suitability and comments from adjacent landowners.
  6. The Subdivision Authority will either approve or refuse the subdivision and the applicant will be notified in writing.
  7. Under the Municipal Government Act Subdivision and Regulation section, a decision must be made within 60 days from the filing of the subdivision. If WCPA deems that more time is necessary, an extension form will be sent to the applicant.

Once a subdivision has been approved, it will have certain conditions on it that will need to be completed before it can become registered with Land titles. A subdivision may not be registered with Land Titles until the appeal period is over.

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